The New Horizon Update is a completely free update to all Outriders players

End Game 2.0

  • Expeditions now have no timer on by default. This means that you won’t need to sprint to the end of the Expedition in order to get the best possible loot. You can take as a long as you want and play a character build of your choosing.

Free Transmog

  • The free new transmogrification feature will let you change the visual aspect of an item to that of another item. For weapons it also includes sounds. Modding is also entirely free. No convoluted systems. No MTX. No in-game resource required.

Improved Legendary Farming Opportunities

  • The New Horizon update adds new ways to farm for Legendaries, including re-rolling Tiago's store, purchasing a mystery legendary item, or completing the Eye of the Storm Expedition to have your choice from 3 different RNG picked Legendaries!

Four New Maps!

  • Molten Depths
  • The Marshal’s Complex
  • City of Nomads
  • The Wellspring

*The New Horizon Update is a free update to the Outriders game. The Outriders game must still be purchased.


Overview & Change Notes for the New Horizon Update
Expedition Timers have been removed
Four New Expeditions Added
Transmog System Added
Tiago’s Store has been Reworked
Legendary Farming Improvements
Changes to Gear, Mods and Legendary Sets
Quality of Life Improvements and other Upgrades and Changes
New Horizon Celebration Package Details