• Will Outriders feature PVP?

    The question of PvP is asked a lot, but right from the earliest concept, Outriders has been designed as a PvE game. We’re committed to making the best single-player and Co-op RPG shooter out there

  • How long is the game?

    This is entirely dependant on how you play the game. Focusing on just the main campaign by itself on a single class will take around 25-30 hours, but it will take 2-3 times that long if you play all the side quests, post-campaign and additional content in Outriders. We’ve made sure that there’s no right or wrong way to play the game and that you’ll always have a great experience. If you just want to complete the main campaign, you’ll experience the full story and have a great time with this game. But if you want to spend more time in the world of Outriders, getting the best items and taking on the hardest challenges in the game, it can keep you busy for exponentially longer.

  • Can we have multiple characters or classes for the same account?

    Everyone will have access to up to 6 character slots, which you can fill with whichever classes you desire. You’ll also have a stash which can be used to share items between characters.

  • Why are there 4 classes but only groups of 3 players?

    We tested different amounts of players in co-op, but 3 players was the perfect max-player sweet-spot for balancing, optimization and visibility. Especially with all the movement skills and visual effects from powers, when playing with four people the battlefield got way too chaotic and hard to read.

  • Is OUTRIDERS a Games-As-A-Service?

    No - OUTRIDERS will be a complete experience out of the box.

  • Will OUTRIDERS feature Micro-transactions?


  • Will OUTRIDERS feature Denuvo?