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  • What is the release date for Outriders Worldslayer?

    Outriders Worldslayer will release June 30, 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam, Epic, Windows Store & NVIDIA GeForce NOW) and Stadia!

  • Is Worldslayer an expansion or is Worldslayer Outriders 2?

    It's the next entry in the Outriders universe and encompasses both the original game and an epic new campaign story that takes the Outriders to undiscovered regions of Enoch where they encounter the greatest challenge they've ever faced. Featuring by far our biggest Endgame titled Tarya Gratar, Worldslayer combined with the original game is truly the definitive Outriders experience!

  • Can I play Worldslayer if I haven't played Outriders?

    Yes, the Worldslayer story is a great jumping-on point for new players who missed out on the original game, and you will be able to start a character at the beginning of Worldslayer. This new campaign picks up right after the end of the original game and stands alone very well, however Players will definitely get more out of the experience if they’ve played the original campaign to completion. The original game with all of our updates, content and New Horizon content is also included with Worldslayer.

  • How do I upgrade my base Outriders game to Worldslayer?

    Upgrading is extremely simple – head onto the platform you purchased the original Outriders on and select the Worldslayer Upgrade. Launch Worldslayer and your characters and all your progress, armour and weaponry will be transferred over seamlessly to Worldslayer.

  • How many hours of content is there in Worldslayer?

    We anticipate that you’ll spend many, many hours playing Worldslayer. The main story is a great campaign for those wanting the next story in the Outriders universe. Our Endgame offers plenty of hours of content and our new Apocalypse Tiers will challenge the very best Outriders players out there. Our new Ascension system has been specifically designed with long term progression in mind. While it doesn't block or gate any content, maxing it out will take hundreds of hours. Then of course there’s many legendary weapons and armour to hunt down, so we’re confident you’ll be out-of-office on Enoch for a good while.

  • Does Worldslayer have any new classes?

    Worldslayer does not feature any new classes, but it does feature evolutions of the existing classes in the form of the all-new class specific PAX trees that add new dimensions to all the classes. The Ascension Points will also allow players to power-up parts of their Outriders’ abilities in ways that can totally change how the class plays.

  • If you start with Worldslayer, can you go back and play the previous game as well?

    Yes, you’re able to return to the beginning of the original Outriders campaign using the timeline in-game, and would not be locked out of any content.

  • Will Worldslayer be available with GamePass?

    While Outriders will be remaining on GamePass a little while longer, playing Outriders Worldslayer will require you to purchase the Worldslayer Upgrade.

  • Will there be early access to Worldslayer?

    If you pre-order either Worldslayer, or the Worldslayer Upgrade digitally, you will get 48 hours early access to the new mysteries that await. Preorder Worldslayer here:

  • Can we have multiple characters or classes for the same account?

    Everyone will have access to up to 6 character slots, which you can fill with whichever classes you desire. You’ll also have a stash which can be used to share items between characters.

  • Will Outriders feature PVP?

    The question of PvP is asked a lot, but right from the earliest concept, Outriders has been designed as a PvE game. We’re committed to making the best single-player and Co-op RPG shooter out there

  • Why are there 4 classes but only groups of 3 players?

    We tested different amounts of players in co-op, but 3 players was the perfect max-player sweet-spot for balancing, optimization and visibility. Especially with all the movement skills and visual effects from powers, when playing with four people the battlefield got way too chaotic and hard to read.

  • Is OUTRIDERS a Games-As-A-Service?

    No - OUTRIDERS will be a complete experience out of the box.

  • Will OUTRIDERS feature Micro-transactions?


  • Will OUTRIDERS feature Denuvo?