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  • Will we see or find out about all game features before release?

    Absolutely. Our regular Broadcasts are intended to show you everything you need to know about Outriders. We want to be open, honest and upfront about our game. We’re not just trying to sell you the game on just promises – we’re going to show you exactly what you’re going to get. Make sure you continue to tune in to future Broadcasts as we continue to unveil the depth of Outriders and follow our social channels to learn when we will be revealing more of the game. Facebook Twitter Instagram Discord VK Youtube

  • Can I see some Gameplay anywhere?

    You can view a number of gameplay videos on this Playlist.

    Additionally, we worked with press and content creators to enable them to get their own hands on first impressions. You can view many of these on Youtube here.

  • What part of the game does the gameplay revealed so far show?

    The gameplay revealed so far features content only from the first few hours of the campaign. Throughout your travels across Enoch you will encounter a great diversity in environments and colorful surroundings. You can see some of these here.

  • Will OUTRIDERS have a story?

    Yes! OUTRIDERS is a story driven RPG-Shooter that will put the player in the shoes of an Outrider, the last hope of the human race trapped on Enoch, a dangerous and untamed planet. The campaign can be played entirely in single player, or in co-op with up to three players.

  • I would prefer to not see certain HUD/UI elements when playing. Is this possible?

    OUTRIDERS features a variety of customization options, including turning various parts of the HUD and UI on and off. You will also be able to turn off enemy/ally health bars as well as damage numbers.

  • Can I adjust the difficulty of the game?

    OUTRIDERS features up to 15 different “World Tiers”, which will strongly change the way the game is played and experienced. While World Tiers will adjust to your playstyle as you progress in order to keep the game challenging, you can also change your World Tier manually according to your preferences.

  • Will Outriders feature PVP?

    The question of PvP is asked a lot, but right from the earliest concept, Outriders has been designed as a PvE game. We’re committed to making the best single-player and Co-op RPG shooter out there

  • How long is the game?

    This is entirely dependant on how you play the game. Focusing on just the main campaign by itself on a single class will take around 25-30 hours, but it will take 2-3 times that long if you play all the side quests, post-campaign and additional content in Outriders. We’ve made sure that there’s no right or wrong way to play the game and that you’ll always have a great experience. If you just want to complete the main campaign, you’ll experience the full story and have a great time with this game. But if you want to spend more time in the world of Outriders, getting the best items and taking on the hardest challenges in the game, it can keep you busy for exponentially longer.

  • In what way will exploration be rewarded in Outriders?

    Straying from the beaten track and exploring the world of Enoch is a big part of Outriders. Not only will you be rewarded with gear, opportunities to hunt down special enemies and challenging combat encounters, but you will also uncover the mysteries of Enoch.

  • Can we have multiple characters or classes for the same account?

    Everyone will have access to up to 6 character slots, which you can fill with whichever classes you desire. You’ll also have a stash which can be used to share items between characters.

  • What part of the game are People Can Fly currently working on?

    What we showed in February is a very early section of OUTRIDERS. We are currently focusing on improving, polishing, debugging and balancing the entire game. The result of this work may mean that some animations as well as functionality of the game may be changed and improved between now and OUTRIDERS’ final release.

  • When will OUTRIDERS release?

    Outriders will release 01 April 2021.

  • Will Outriders support Cross-Play?

    Yes. Outriders will Fully support cross-play, meaning you will be able to explore Enoch with any of your friends on any other platform. You can play Outriders from start to finish with your friends regardless of what system they own.

  • Is OUTRIDERS a Games-As-A-Service?

    No - OUTRIDERS will be a complete experience out of the box.

  • Will OUTRIDERS feature Micro-transactions?


  • Will OUTRIDERS feature Denuvo?